Please give your sleeping bag a good upkeep after a long vacation

Issuing time:2020-12-30 16:22

The holiday balance has been cleared. Welcome all travelers back to the team safely.

At this point, your gear needs to be taken out and well maintained.

Sleeping bag. You're not an outdoor all-around player.

Here are just a few tips on areas you are familiar with.

Before cleaning and maintaining your sleeping bag, make sure you are using a down or cotton sleeping bag:

About Sleeping Bag Maintenance


Down sleeping bags use goose down or duck down, a slight odor is normal;

Goose is a herbivore, and its downy smell is relatively small, and the fluffy ability of downy flowers is also stronger.

Duck is an omnivore, and its downy taste is relatively large. The fluffiness of downy flowers is slightly less than that of goose down.

Two types of feather products are still our best choice for outdoor travel.


If you find that it smells bad on this trip, hang it out in a ventilated area.

Duck down sleeping bags smell a lot worse. If you have a bag that smells good, hang it out to dry. Find a good place in the house and be prepared to hang it or hang it for a long time until it smells good to you.

※ Take the sleeping bag out of the compression bag as soon as you come back from the outdoors, and gently pat the down to make it fluffy, so as to avoid the long period of high compression that will reduce its fluffy ability;

※ If not used for a long time, it should be fully fluffy and stored in a dry environment to avoid direct sunlight exposure;

Maybe you put it in a special mesh bag, or maybe you have a bag for him to keep, like the one below.


Should minimize washing, sleeping bag can be equipped with inner tank use, clean the inner tank;

Whether cotton or down sleeping bags, should minimize washing, because washing can cause cotton or down growth and residual bacteria; Improper washing can also damage the bag, reducing its warmth and elasticity, and making it more uncomfortable to use.

Even if washing is needed, it should be washed as soon as possible, air-dried or air-dried, and long-term soaking in water should be avoided;

Sleeping bags that are damp from long-term use should also be kept in a dry, ventilated place. At the right time, get a better light and let it dry thoroughly.

About Washing sleeping bags

This means your sleeping bag has to be cleaned!


Check the inside and outside of your sleeping bag before you go into the water. Remove any small pebbles, hay, or other debris hidden in the corners.

No matter cotton sleeping bag or down sleeping bag, do not put the sleeping bag in water for a long time immersion;

Long periods of immersion in water can breed more bacteria in the bag.

3 cotton/fleece sleeping bags can be washed directly by hand or by machine. It is recommended to wash down sleeping bags by hand. Dry cleaning is not allowed.

4. Simple cleaning: remove dirt or sundries and wipe them with a clean wet cloth;

5. Deep cleaning: Avoid alkaline detergent, wring and drying for hand washing;

6. Air dry or air dry, avoid exposure to the sun, after drying gently pat to let the sleeping bag stretch fluffy;

7. Lay flat or hang in multiple places to avoid excessive sagging and stretching deformation;

Sleeping bags belong to personal personal hygiene products, should avoid mutual borrowing;

So are you lending your sleeping bag to someone for the long haul?

If you do, clean it up.

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