EVA swimming board, known as EVA float board, EVA kick board,  used for swimming learning and swimming movements to help correct the basic auxiliary equipment, widely used, often used to increase swimming balance force, correct arm deviation, correct incomplete push water and other auxiliary equipment. The popular float plate adopts simple cutting and grinding molding, high-end customers can also provide high temperature molding process. In addition, we also undertake customized materials and styles, such as XPE swimming board, EPE swimming board.
Kick board
EVA swimming belt, known as EVA water jogger belt,  it for swimming to increase balance force and buoyancy auxiliary purposes, and be combined with EVA swimming dumbbells and EVA swimming foot rings. According to the different structure, it has a multi-chip combination of EVA swimming floating back and EVA swimming series. undertake custom materials and styles, such as XPE swimming belt, It is usually used with an EVA swimming belt and an EVA swimming dumbbell.
Swimming belt/ back floating
EVA swimming pull buoy, known as EVA swimming floating pillow and EVA swimming leg board, is commonly used auxiliary equipment for freestyle training. When used, it is clipped between the thighs to help adjust the stroke during freestyle training and cause incorrect waist twisting and deformation of the upper body, so that the freestyle training can obtain correct arm movements and movement lines.
Pull buoy
EVA swimming dumbbells, known as EVA jogger dumbbell, are usually used together with EVA swimming belt and EVA swimming foot rings, which help to increase water power during water sports, so that practitioners can gain better upper body strength and endurance. undertake custom materials and styles, such as XPE swimming barbells.
Water bells/bar float
EVA swimming buoyancy cuffs known as EVA water foot buoy, is usually used together with EVA swimming belt and EVA swimming dumbbell. When used, it is covered on the upper position of bare foot joint, which is used for water sports to help increase water power, so that practitioners can obtain better lower body strength and endurance
Buoyancy cuffs
EVA swimming arm ring known as EVA buoyancy arm disc, is directly placed on the arm below the shoulder joint, helping swimming beginners to gain buoyancy support to enhance safety and confidence.
Swimming arm ring/ swimming arm disc
The foam noodle can be divided into EPE and EVA swimming float noodle in terms of material. It can be as a simple swimming board in use. Users can complete basic swimming kick exercises after holding it with both hands. And its greater use is to complement EVA floating noodle to rich a multi-functional large water recreation facilities.
Fun noodle
floating mat can be divided into EVA and XPE floating mat from the material, into personal leisure and large water recreation facilities from the function. Is mainly used for individual will keep body lie low is enjoying the sun floating in the water bath, and large water entertainment facilities combination is widely used, it can be directly laid water floating runway use, also can through the auxiliary device build rich multi-function large aquatic amusement facilities, such as water polo goal, water games.
Floating mat

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